How Soon is Now?

    The Smiths sung about this back in the 80's. The title made me think more about companies and their technology. I run into companies that want to keep oldĀ servers, run legacy software, or delay upgrades because of fear or cost. These businesses do not see that their competitors are increasing their revenue, gaining…
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Is your Technology Running into a Wall?

I ran the Portland marathon last weekend. While out there for 3 and 34 minutes, I had a time to think about business. This was the first marathon (out of 6) where I did not run into a wall and beg for an end. Why? I planned to keep things slow and steady for the…
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Is Your Business Technology Evolving?

  Take a look around your office. Depending on the type of work you do, the tools surrounding you aid in getting your job done efficiently. No slide rule, adding machines, paper ledger, or Rolodex of contacts are occupying your desk. Technology evolves make completing tasks not only faster but also less error prone. When…
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