Making You a Better Physical Company in a Remote World

We Build Next-Generation Technology Business Partnerships

Renascence IT Consulting was officially incorporated in 2010, but has served clients throughout the Bay Area since 2005. The company learned that the best IT goes beyond normal Managed Service or Consulting practices found elsewhere. We had our clients ready for over two years for Work From Home and setup in less than a day. We accomplished this through our strict processes and educating our businesses on how to lower risk, increase productivity and prepare for the unexpected.

Why You Need Us

What if the issues you are experiencing are NOT the actual problem, but the result of the problem?


Are you facing problems working remotely or dealing with the same problem over and over again? Many IT Providers can fix a problem, but how many have processes in place to deal with deeper issues that might be costing your company time and money?


Do you find that your technology could be utilized better for your business, whether at the office or remotely? Many firms do knee/jerk reactions on when to replace electronics, but is it the best fit for your company? Many firms just want to fit every company into a cookie cutter mold but don't look at ways to make your company stand out from its competition.


How often is your technology checked and discussed? Most IT companies have alerts enabling them to become more proactive. Do these firms have strict discipline to make sure the checks are correct? Are they going beyond an alert to improve efficiencies and your bottom line? Have they discussed concepts based on your Return Time to Operation, Insurances, and even Computer Use Agreeements in your HR guide?


Simplified Partnerships

We Offer Business Technology for Every Vertical in Every Type of Office

1.10-250 EMPLOYEES: We help companies grow and become more productive with their services, becoming a leader in their industry.
2.WORK FROM HOME OR OFFICE SECURELY: Working with employees in one or more locations, we make sure the same standards are still in place for our clients, setting secure connections for proper virtual distancing.
3.3RD PARTY APPS: Whether using well-known products, or a niche piece of software, we make sure our businesses are running optimally or look for better solutions.