TeamViewer Hacked, Customers bank Accounts Emptied

For many, TeamViewer is an easy way to access a machine remotely quickly. However, it appears that the application has been hacked which has allowed people to gain access to customer systems. Once in they have FULL access to the system. This includes disabling anti-virus software and installing malware, logging into bank accounts with remembered passwords and moving money to their own accounts, and many other concerning actions.

In this day and age of faster internet speeds and people remotely accessing their work systems, this, unfortunately is a side effect. Consider any remote application like leaving a key to your house under your welcome mat. If someone gets access to your house, do you have anyway to be notified via an alarm or security cameras? Consider the same action for your work machine. When you leave, lock your machine (with a complex password) and make sure you log off of any password auto-fill tools (LastPass, etc.).

At Renascence IT Consulting, we use proprietary tools that are centrally logged into, making sure your machines remain just that, your machines. If you have any questions on proper usage of remote access tools, reach out to us.

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