What to Do When a Laptop is MIA at EWR?

The TSA, in a press release today, announced that it recovered 70 lost laptops from the Newark, NJ airport. The shocking part is these workstations were left behind at the screening area in only a month's time!

My first instinct is to wonder how someone wouldn't remember their laptop immediately after leaving the secured area.

My second instinct is these questions about their company's data:

Is financial, intellectual property and/or personal information stored on it?

Is the machine encrypted?

Can you remotely track and wipe data from the device when it is turned on?

How does the employee function with no device at this moment?

How much will you lose if any of the information falls into a competitor or hacker's hands?

Many of these concerns can easily be answered by proper services and monitoring.

The next time you are going through screening at the airport, think about if your IT company is doing enough to protect your business.

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