Is Your Company Prepared for Vengence?

A new piece of Ransomware called Popcorn Time emerged last week. It will encrypt your local and networked hard drives, locking you out of your business. Like others, it will demand payment to unlock those vital files. What makes this one different is that if you don't want to make the payment, you can pass on a link to two others that will infect THEM with the malware and free you from the ransom.

We always tell our clients to beware of emails from unknown people who want them to click a link or save a file. Now, how can you tell if a 'friend' is sending you something legitimate?

I tell my clients to treat the Internet like a highway and 'drive' defensively. Any email that comes in that feels out of sorts, check to make sure the link is legitimate. Always have the latest anti-virus, mobile security, and malware scans on for any downloaded file. Above all else, make sure insurance is set with both current onsite and offsite in the event an 'accident' occurs.

Taking the proper precautions can save you from a vengeful acquaintance or a huge incident on the digital highway.

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