Cloud File Solutions Unveiled

Why you should Drop Box and other Cloud "file" Solutions...

As a company, Renascence IT went through its own growth. During that time, we, like any youngster does, is experiment. We tried several solutions that "Dropped" our files, "Egnited" our folders, and even ventured into the "One" with Redmond's golden ring. Each time we were disappointed with limits, syncing, and other issues that would cause our technicians to scream into the night (since most IT people work best after the golden fire sinks into the horizon).

I can say, with certainty, we have found a solution that has been around as long as the other providers. We have introduced it to many clients; some who argued that the "Drop" was the best solution for a business. Not less than two months after implementing it, he apologized about fighting us so much on introducing it to his company.

Why is it so great? The syncing is amazing (allowing you to selectively pick what you want to have on EACH device), you can remotely wipe an employee's files so they cannot carry them to your competitor (the one you glare at across the street), actually LOCKS Office files (no more 'versioning' on your critical spreadsheets or documents), isn't limited by file size (they don't "Drop" the ball, no matter what size), and is better encrypted than any other commercial cloud based storage solution out there. Finally, by having your information with them, you don't have to worry about Ransomware or other viruses (or disgruntled employees) wiping out your critical information and putting you out of business.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us as we are on the cutting edge of finding technology that works for the small business without a price
that puts you out of business.