Sean Rogers comes from a family of IT professionals. Computers and technology have always been a part of his life and they continue to be a source of guidance and inspiration, as he continues to gain knowledge in the IT field. To his credit, Sean holds a variety of IT certifications and continues to educate himself in various IT sectors. Sean excels at learning new technologies and prides himself on finding the most effective and efficient way to solve a problem.

Sean started with Renascence IT Consulting in 2015 as a Systems Administrator; helping customers implement technology to enhance their businesses is a major achievement for him. Leveraging his "process-focused" mind, he successfully transitioned to Automated Services Manager; ensuring both RenIT and each of its clients are all working smart and seamless. He enjoys the daily challenges of the job and loves digging into problems; taking pride in solving any and all challenges.

Sean is a father, golfer, outdoorsman and sports enthusiast.