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Managed IT Services for Your Business Means Less Worry, More Efficient Workflow, and Less Downtime.

More and more businesses are realizing that having managed IT services is an asset to their organization. This is especially so for small to medium-sized businesses that might not have the budget or office space to accommodate a salaried IT team. Or, if they do have an IT team, it's often insufficient to cope with all the tasks in hand.

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How Can Managed IT Services Benefit Your Business?

Technology moves quickly. Staying on top of it can be tough. Finding the most efficient systems for your requirements, as well as ensuring your data is secure, is better left to the experts. But what if you don't have experts within your company? The answer is to hire a third-party team to do it all for you.

Managed IT services can take care of any aspect of your IT needs. From recommending the best software to carrying out risk assessments, making improvements, disaster and data recovery, and much more. For those still on the fence on whether or not to hire a managed IT service provider (MSP), let's take a closer look at the benefits our services offer.

Efficient and Streamlined Systems That Work for You

As your MSP, we will gain a deep understanding of your business and operations. This will enable us to make recommendations on where we can make systems more effective and/or efficient. We could achieve this by updating or modernizing existing software or we may recommend implementing new software. 

We will ensure your web hosting, website, servers and data storage, email, and other systems, such as employee or customer management systems, will be running optimally. When things run smoothly, it takes less time to complete tasks. Workers can find what they need more easily. And you don't waste office hours dealing with system crashes and failures.

Less Employee Downtime

When IT systems fail, everything else tends to grind to a halt, or tasks become next to impossible to accomplish. When you work with Renascence IT, we’ll constantly monitor your network. We’ll know immediately if we need to fix an issue. 

Furthermore, we will perform regular maintenance on your network and carry out necessary repairs to prevent problems and the ensuing downtime.

Robust Data Security and Compliance

With the amount of sensitive data that is usually stored in IT systems, a security breach can bring a business to its knees. This can be anything from hackers to other criminal activity. Human error, natural disasters, and hardware failure are all ways in which your data and your business can be compromised.

We will highlight the data security risks within your organization and make suggestions on how to mitigate them or implement protective measures. Such topics may include:

  • Where and how your sensitive data is stored
  • How staff access confidential data 
  • How data is protected and kept secure
  • Back-up systems, both physical and virtual
  • Disaster recovery procedures and processes
  • Other network, device, and system security

In addition to this, we understand that some industries have stringent rules and regulations surrounding data security. Your business must be compliant with them to avoid data loss and associated penalties. We will work with you to fully understand those rules are and implement measures to guarantee full compliance.

Maintenance and Repairs are Performed Before you Know There is a Problem.

This is a major benefit to businesses that don't have the time or knowledge to recognize and carry out repairs to their hardware, software, or networks. Most business owners don't have the inclination to perform maintenance and repairs.

This area alone is a large part of why business owners choose to hire our team. We will perform regular maintenance on the entire IT infrastructure and carry out repairs as necessary. Additionally, we can identify and rectify potential issues before they become a problem to the end-user, meaning daily work and tasks are not interrupted.

Cost Savings and Return on Investment (ROI)

On hiring Renascence IT, businesses can make hefty budget savings that far outweigh the monthly cost of an MSP, which means that our service offers fantastic ROI.

The main areas in which our clients make savings include:

  • More efficient systems, which lead to less downtime and more productivity
  • Employees doing their jobs faster and more efficiently with improved systems
  • Less or no need to hire salaried or contracted IT staff
  • Regular maintenance and repairs built into our monthly fee, so payouts are not necessary every time something breaks down
  • Flexibility that allows businesses to scale up or down as required and get exactly the service they need

Our Managed IT Services Give You the Edge Over Your Competitors

Customers prefer to deal with businesses that can react and respond promptly to their needs. When your IT infrastructure is working optimally, this significantly reduces the likelihood of a problem occurring.

Imagine never having to tell a customer that you cannot help them right now because your systems are down. Invoices, quotes, emails, and other important documents will be sent on time, automatically, without error. Your website will run with ease.

Compare this with a business that does not employ the services of an MSP like Renascence. From day one with our managed IT services, you will have the edge over them.

Renascence IT Consulting

At Renascence, we provide managed IT services with a difference. We focus on optimizing your processes to ensure you're running your IT services the way you run your business. This is key to giving you advantages over your competitors.

If you'd like to understand more about our services,  call us at 510.552.6896 and chat to a member of our team about your requirements. Let's work together to make your IT services as high-performing as your business.