“We’ll Worry About Disaster Recovery When There is a Disaster”

This was said today to one of my system administrators. The company's Database person was put in charge of making sure this company could function if there was a disaster. We come to find out there are issues with recovery. Instead of confronting the problems, this person wants to worry after a disaster happens and figure it out then.

This may sound ridiculous but many companies want to stick their head in the sand and not look at risk. By not acknowledging it, they think a dead server, fire, or employee theft can't happen to them. More than 43% of companies that don't have a backup and encounter ransomware, theft, or other complete data disaster go out of business and 51% close within two years according to a University of Texas study. By understanding business risk and how to mitigate loss, a company can overcome technology challenges and succeed where many fail.

Do you want to put the fate of your business and livelihood in a proverbial flip of a coin?