Week 5 – How Do You Know if Your IT is ‘Good’?

 This is Week 5 of a series of questions to ask your IT provider to make sure you are being given the best support possible.

  • Are You Being Held Hostage to a Service Level Agreement?

When you have an issue, do you have to figure out on an Astrology Chart if it is a Priority 1, Gold, C, or Beta problem? Are you paying more to be a ‘premiere’ client? An SLA is a way for IT providers to hide and allow technicians to slide on issues and make one business more important than another. The fact is, a good IT company can handle all the problems in a reasonable time frame. They should not have to use a slide ruler to see if one company’s internet outage is more or less an issue than a CEOs downed computer at a Fortune 500 company. These are both issues for both clients and should be handled the same way. If an IT company cannot handle multiple clients at the same time, why are they in business?