Week 4 – How Do You Know if Your IT is ‘Good’?

This is Week 4 of a weekly series of questions to ask your IT person/group to make sure you are being given the best support and advice possible.

  • How is your current provider protecting you from threats like Malware, Ransomware and other disasters?

Many IT providers are using outdated programs and techniques because they don’t spend the time to learn that most of these products can be bypassed easily by the latest cyber-criminals. Many operators only use products that they can make a commission on or simply are lazy. There are numerous third party agencies that test these solutions without accepting any payback money to provide unbiased results. Ask your IT provider to show you those, if they can.

An affordable proactive, multi-tiered approach of backups, protection solutions and network security can avoid costly downtime or even the end of your business. According to an August 3, 2016 article in Fortune, 80% of small businesses will be hit with Ransomware in 2016 ALONE, up over 500% from 2015! Costs to recover data from criminals can range from $1000-$150,000 and doesn’t always guarantee data will be seen again. 90% of those hit will go out of business within 2 years due to insufficient countermeasures.

At Renascence IT, we stay on top of the latest threats and how they can be countered with the latest tools and software. Can you afford your business to go belly up because you went with a ‘cheap’ option to save money and/or someone who still thinks IT is the same from 15, 10, even 5 years ago is the right way to approach your company? Do you still think a fax or pager is the best way to communicate, or use AOL to email a colleague? You may laugh, but those were still valid solutions in the 2000s and 2010s. Technology changes and your IT provider needs to keep you up to date to not only protect, but to increase your productivity.