Week 3 – How Do You Know if Your IT is ‘Good’?

This is Week 3 of a weekly series of questions to ask your IT person/group to make sure you are being given the best support and advice possible.

  • Are you paying your provider/person to fix issues ONLY when there is a problem?

Why base a business on correcting issues when things are wrong and you are paying someone to be reactive instead of being on top of your environment? By being reactive and waiting for a technician, criminals may have already gotten inside your network, stealing financial or sensitive data, or encrypting it and holding your business hostage with Ransomware. Setting aside a consistent monthly budget to have someone be proactive and aware of potential threats ahead of time makes a better working relationship and could save your company from financial heartache or bankruptcy.

At Renascence IT, we spent years developing our systems and tools to be aware of issues ahead of time such as dying hard drives, machines potentially reaching out to malware sites, employees that attempt to disable protection tools, and keeping each and every system updated and tuned. For us, not being flooded with tickets and issues makes for a wonderful business relationship.