Week 2 – How Do You Know If Your IT is ‘Good’?

How Do You Know If Your Current IT Provider is ‘Good’?

This is week 2 of a weekly series of questions to ask your IT person/group to make sure you are being given the best support and advice possible.

  • Do you have to wait for your provider to grace you with their presence when you have an issue? What happens when your IT person goes on vacation, is sick, or has an issue with another client?

Time is money in any business and the longer you are down, the longer employees cannot work, thus paying them to do nothing. If your email is down, customers cannot reach you, costing you sales. A ‘little’ down time equates to ‘large’ losses. Is your company not important enough to warrant immediate attention when your IT person is away? Do they have someone who can cover in those situations? Are you stuck having to dig up someone else on Craigslist or another site to come in, wasting your time and money in the process?

At Renascence IT, we have a team to assist remotely and a number of employees who can come to your aid in situations that require a hands-on approach, even if a primary technician is unavailable. We are a business and do IT as work and not as a hobby and carry required insurances to make sure each of our clients is comfortable with us.