Is your Technology Running into a Wall?

I ran the Portland marathon last weekend. While out there for 3 and 34 minutes, I had a time to think about business. This was the first marathon (out of 6) where I did not run into a wall and beg for an end. Why? I planned to keep things slow and steady for the entire race and how I would intake fuel and complete without crashing.

One thing that ran through my mind is how much preparing for a long run is like prepping technology for a company. Too many businesses and other firms I meet are doing their IT like a sprint. Put duct tape on it, and if it fixes it, don't worry about it until another issue. They are crashing in tickets, noise, downtime and low morale. Many Managed Service Providers and IT employees don't plan long term for their clients. Instead of planning and putting in strict processes to avoid downtime, they react crisis to crisis. This costs businesses thousands of dollars in revenue, lost payroll, and increased frustration.

Are you prepared for the long term and bolt across the finish line versus your competition, or are you crashing early and any completion of your business goals are a distant memory?