Do You Stay Current on Technology?

I was at a Channel Partner's conference this week in Las Vegas. I attend this and other technology related events each year. Looking at the latest and greatest allows me to make sure my clients stay current.

The age of IT services replacing old servers with new ones and relying on old technology is over. As a business, you should expect your IT partner to be your trusted advisor. If there is an app or service that can make one or more of my client's run faster, smarter or more efficiently, I will utilize it for them.

Look around your business. Do you have more servers than employees? Do you have an internal email system for less than 50 people? Does your IT partner meet with you on a regular basis to go over standards in technology for your industry?

Make sure your IT provider has your best interests in mind and not how much they can profit on new hardware and software that is already out of date.