Print Your Way to Disaster

The last few months have been busy for printers. A number of organizations and schools had their printers hijacked. Luckily the perpetrators sent warning pages to those places.

The issue stems from many companies keeping printers hooked up with access to the internet. This allows businesses to easily print when away from the physical office. The HUGE problem is that these can be accessed easily. While an unknown person sending jobs to your printers may not seem like an issue, there are huge concerns:

  • Many of today‚Äôs multi-function printers store print jobs that these hackers can access. If the jobs contain sensitive information, this can now be easily seen.
  • Newer printers are effectively small machines. These printers can then be used to launch attacks against other organizations. Now your printer is being used to bring down other places AND slowing down your own bandwidth at the same time.
  • If nothing else, these unknown assailants can consume your paper and toner resources by sending jobs that are nothing but pages filled with black.

A proper IT firm will make sure that your business is locked down against the known threats and the new wave of attacks against printers and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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