Is Your Business Technology a ’10’?

It is interesting going out to meet new clients and find out about their current technology solutions. One question I often ask is, “on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your technology and IT currently?”

Not ONCE did I ever get a reply of 10 and the majority are in between a 6 and 8.

I always find it interesting that a company would continue to pay for a solution that they are only 60-80% happy with. Would you pay money to a mechanic or dentist that only makes you happy 6 out of 10 times every time you visit? One issue is that many people are willing to put up with slow networks, downed systems and outages because they are paying someone cut rate and thinking they are saving money. The true issue is that those outages eat away at your revenues, create inefficiencies and cost your company more than having aligned technology for your business on a budgeted basis.

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