Is Your Business One of the 60% to Close Its Doors in the Next 6 Months?

With more cyber attacks in the news, many small businesses may think that they are too small to be affected. This cannot be further from the truth. In an article by the Denver Post on October 23, 2016, there are over 4,000 attacks EVERY day against small businesses. 60% of companies hit by ransomware and targeted malware cannot recover and go out of business within 6 months! The average cost to recover from such an attack is over $690,000 according to the Ponemon Institute.

What can a small business do to fight these attacks? Training, backups, and protection are key. Unfortunately most companies utilize these in reaction, and by that time, it is too late. By implementing a simple, but comprehensive plan with a trusted technology group can prevent and/or remediate these cybercriminals.

Do you want to go on the cheap with your IT to be in the 60% or plan and be in the 40%, ahead of the criminals and your competition?

Contact us and be part of the 40%.