How Soon is Now?



The Smiths sung about this back in the 80's. The title made me think more about companies and their technology.

I run into companies that want to keep old servers, run legacy software, or delay upgrades because of fear or cost. These businesses do not see that their competitors are increasing their revenue, gaining market share, and lowering costs. This is due to embracing technology upgrades, improving processes and considering risks to the business by keeping things the same. Oftentimes it is listening to an IT person or company that doesn't have the company's best interest in mind. They don't keep up to date on services or ways to increase security, lower downtime or increase productivity. Some IT people want to keep things in house because they can churn an income from 'maintaining' said servers instead of doing what is best for the company.

It is up to each company to see how they can view technology to become better today and not wait. How soon is now for your company?