Why Your IT Doesn’t Need to Be at Your Home (Office) for Christmas or Any Other Time of Year

"We need someone onsite 3 times a week. Can you do that?"

I hear that quite a bit. A business I talk to seems to believe that there is a certain ratio of time that an IT Provider needs to be at their office each week. By either going from what their current person or group says, they feel it is true.

What this signals to me is two possible scenarios. The first is that the current company is pushing up billing to have someone sit there to do mostly nothing except make a client feel comfortable. The second is that they don't have control over the noise or issues at the business and are pushing this inability back on the client.

Many of our clients started out 'needing' us several times a week. Now, with 50-80 person offices, we may make a once a week visit to setup a laptop for an employee or take care of a small issue. Otherwise, we have built in our processes to make sure clients are not down and can take control of problems quickly remotely, thus saving a business time and money.

Nothing at your company should awaken you with such a shudder,

That you need to run to the office to see what was the matter.