Do Your Backups Have Backups?

In my many years of IT, I've seen dozens of companies with NO backups. They don’t seem to understand that hardware fails, viruses or ransomware encrypts files, employees mistakenly (or purposely) remove data, natural disasters happen, etc. If any of those (or other variables) occurs, they can go out of business within a day. With backups (onsite and offsite), they are secure.

Or are they? Having data duplicated and saved in the event of a problem is fine, but how do you know if THAT data works? What If the backup drive has errors that were not detected? A critical restore can’t happen because the holy grail is now just a brick.

An important part of keeping a business running is not only checking off boxes of things that need to be done, but verification. It’s great that backups are scheduled, but when was the last time it was tested to see that it worked?

Isn’t it worth a couple of hours a few times a year to make sure your business isn’t lost to empty promises?