BYOD – Bring Your Own Disaster


It seems like every organization has a policy on using personal devices for company business. Some don’t allow it. Others have rules in handbooks on what is or is not allowed on a laptop or device. Some just don’t seem to care. There is no right answer, but before opening up the floodgates, consider the following:

  • What happens if an employee uses a personal device and their spouse or child accidentally downloads malware and infects the machine and possibly your network?
  • What happens if an employee leaves the company with your sensitive data on their own machine? How are you going to remove it?
  • If a device is taken or stolen, do you have ways to track and delete the data on it?
  • Are you able to restrict what is installed on those laptops, tablets and phones?

Many companies may set a policy but don’t look at the ramifications of it. We work with clients on how to set up those policies and ways to manage those devices. This saves companies from losing control of their data and potentially going out of business.