Is Your Business Technology Evolving?


Take a look around your office. Depending on the type of work you do, the tools surrounding you aid in getting your job done efficiently. No slide rule, adding machines, paper ledger, or Rolodex of contacts are occupying your desk. Technology evolves make completing tasks not only faster but also less error prone.

When I visit a company, I may not see an adding machine out on a table, but the technology they use is just as bad. Slow and outdated computers, networking equipment from a bygone era, lack of security and procedures add up to frustrated employees and lost revenue. Many owners think that by saving a few dollars on equipment is saving them expense. Instead it is doing just the opposite.


The true cost of business technology is not just the workstations and servers you purchase but how they can help or hinder your company. Count your profits on your accounting software not your losses on an abacus.