Is Your IT Budget a Roller Coaster?

When meeting firms, one question I always ask is what their budget is for technology. Many answers are a set number, or shrugs at not actually knowing how much a business spends. There are companies that show me a chart of the amount spent that rivals most theme park rides. Certain months it is zero, other months it is several thousand, then down to a couple of hundred dollars and then skyrockets to close to $10,000.




Does your company pay its outgoing costs differently each month? Most likely, employees are salaried, and vendors are a set rate. Why then would one of the most valuable parts of an infrastructure be left to a variable rate?

An approach to business technology should be similar to other parts of your company. Processes, risks, and potential benefit of utilizing IT helps keep costs constant and even reduce them over time.

If you're tired of the E-ticket IT cost butterflies that come in every month, it might be time to leave the ride you are on for something better.