How Bad Technology Equals No Sales

As a business owner, I am very sensitive to the pitfalls of customer satisfaction. Needless to say, I too encounter less than exceptional customer service from time to time.

It's bad enough that appliances barely last five years and are not exactly "cheap" to replace, but one would expect that the delivery of said items should be a seamless process. Let's just say that my experience having a washer and dryer delivered from a well-known store -- which starts and ends with an 'S' -- was a complete nightmare. During the three week process, I had to coordinate with third party delivery specialists that work with local warehouses to install their appliances. Perfect in theory, but after SIX botched delivery attempts, there is clearly a break in their process. The final appointment was to correct a problem with their initial installation by replacing the previously delivered dryer. However, I received a text (not a phone call) the morning of the scheduled delivery stating that the dryer was backordered for two weeks! After escalating to the highest management available, I was advised that even though I was promised a new dryer the next day, the customer service center had NO way to see actual inventory at the delivery warehouse when it was promised to me the day prior.

What? Are you telling me that even with all of today's modern technology and customer service applications a plenty, that one of our largest department stores can't access their inventory and communicate internally on demand?!

Sadly, I see this first hand daily within my own line of work -- where the "lack of" or "having old technology" hampers many businesses every day. These companies are too worried about a cost to change. By staying the same, these companies risk their reputation by having unhappy customers, slowing production times, and creating even more problems down the road. A small investment can reap much more in long-term revenue and better morale. These companies, don't have a specialist who realizes how the right technology can make them a leader in their industry.

In 2017, do you want to be an 'S' that will be shutting its doors after decades, or an 'A+' leading your company to higher profits and happier customers?