Apply Mom’s Advice For Safer Internet Usage

With Mother's Day approaching, we can use vital bits of wisdom from our moms to protect us from harm on the Internet:



"Never Talk to Strangers"

Get an email from an unknown person wanting you to do something or click on a link? Follow dear Mom's advice and delete that email! Same thing applies with a phone call from an unknown 'Microsoft' or 'IRS' person. Neither of them will call you and the same words of wisdom applies there too!

"Always Wear Clean Underwear"

If something befalls you in life, Mom wants to make sure you don't embarrass yourself by being found by doctors with dirty unmentionables. The same applies to your business inasmuch as be prepared for the worst. Are your backups running correctly? Have you tested a restore of data? Does your UPS/battery backup work and been put to the test? Are you ready if your building burns down to be able to continue to work? You don't want to find out too late you soiled your company to insolvency.

"Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street"

A wise kernel of wisdom to double check for possible danger before going across an intersection. Online, if you receive an email or text from someone that looks legit, double check! If there is a link they want you to click, hover over it to see if it goes to a legitimate site. If the email doesn't sound like something your coworker or friend would normally send, ask if they sent it before doing what it instructs. Spending a few extra seconds to validate a correspondence or site potentially could save your machine, your bank accounts, and even your business from being flattened by the proverbial big rig.