Monthly Archives: March 2017

Why Bother Locking Your Front Door If the Back Door is Open?

  I have visited many companies in my 25 years in IT. Some were open space with dogs roaming the offices. Others required you to announce your name before they allowed you inside.  One place required a thumb print and retina scan before you could access their servers. Physical security for your servers is essential.…
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Life is What Happens When You are Busy Making Other Plans

The above phrase has stuck with me since my early career days. I always applied it to me and not to business, until I started doing Consulting. Repeatedly I run into current and potential clients who are too busy to plan their company, their revenue, their hiring and forgetting that life can apply a huge…
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Its Phishing Season!

It is the time of the year that we see a HUGE increase in email scams with our clients. I want to make sure you all double check on any of the following before opening links, pictures, or sending back information:     Wire transfers. If you receive an email to do any sort of…
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