Monthly Archives: April 2016

Phishing and Ransomware on the Rise

It is no surprise that criminals are getting better at tricking people to open malware or go to infected websites. While it only takes minutes to compromise and pull data from machines, in 84% of the cases (of 100,000 security breaches examined), companies were unaware of the breach for a number of weeks. Two thirds…
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Cloud File Solutions Unveiled

Why you should Drop Box and other Cloud "file" Solutions... As a company, Renascence IT went through its own growth. During that time, we, like any youngster does, is experiment. We tried several solutions that "Dropped" our files, "Egnited" our folders, and even ventured into the "One" with Redmond's golden ring. Each time we were…
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Celebrating 6 Years

Happy Anniversary to Renascence IT (technically 2.5 weeks ago - but who's counting). Introducing cutting edge technology to small businesses and being proactive instead of reactive is why we have been able to reach this exciting six year milestone. We appreciate our clients and vendors for empowering us to pursue our passion. MAY ALL THE…
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