Yearly Archives: 2015

If you have Adobe Flash…UNINSTALL IT!

A new vulnerability was found that targets Adobe Flash and the only way to protect yourself, according to Adobe, is to uninstall it. This attack vector works against PC, Mac AND Linux systems and seems to be started from phishing emails. Once used, it can allow someone to crash or even take control of the…
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Renascence IT Appears in Vertical Systems Reseller Magazine

As a Managed Service Provider, finding the right tools to service your customers can be a very daunting task. There are many different options for supporting the back end of your company, while maintaining optimal service for your clients. For us, it took close to two years and many less than successful products to finally…
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Ransomware is Big Businesss for Criminals but Big Cost for Businesses

An article from reports that cyber-thieves are making a mint off your computers and your pain. They can make over 1500% when investing in ransomware software and deploying it on a vulnerable website. Ransomware is malware that, when installed, will encrypt your machine (and possibly an entire network) and hold it hostage. Victims are…
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