Monthly Archives: July 2011

Laptop Battery Hacked to Stop Working

You may have seen posts in the past about malware, viruses and phishing, but this one is truly inventive. A security researcher was able to hack into an Apple laptop's battery and permanently disable, or "brick" it. No matter what is done afterwar...
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Yes, Your Droid or iPhone Can Get Infected!

Many people think that since their iPhone or Droid is a phone, it can't get malware or viruses like a computer. That is completely wrong. It is estimated that by next year 5% of all smartphones will be hit with malicious code or install an infecte...
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What your IT Person Knows about your Company?

Do you have a part time IT person that comes in and checks on computers and your network? Do they shuffle around in the back and leave a while later declaring everything is alright? Do you know if they can be trusted? An article in (li...
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