Monthly Archives: April 2011

Need to register on a website but afraid of Spam?

You found a website you want to explore, but in order to get to the good parts, you need to enter your email address in order to get a registration code. Afraid of entering your company email address to be hit up with offers, third party services,...
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Which sites can you trust your Privacy with?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has come out with a list of websites that keep your information private and which ones squeal to the government with the laziest prod. Amazon, Twitter, and Google rank the highest from the survey. Facebook,...
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Toshiba Releasing Self-Wiping Drives

Toshiba announced they are releasing hard drives that will erase sensitive data if they are connected to a different machine than their original. Commands can be issued that will wipe data on command, after every power cycle, or a certain number o...
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