Monthly Archives: April 2011

Beginning of the end for Blackberry?

Blackberry's creators, Research in Motion, reported losses in Q1 which resulted in its shares dropping over 17% in extended trading. For those of you owning a Blackberry, it might be one of the final ones you possess. After owning the market for a...
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Wardrivers Driving Information from Small Businesses

Police in a large metropolitan city have been pursuing a specific group of criminals known as wardrivers stealing information from small businesses. The group uses businesses' weak wireless security to steal credit card and other personal informat...
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How to VPN in Windows 7

Windows 7's interface has completely been redone. In many respects, it is simpler, but it can lead to confusion on where certain familiar settings have been placed. Where is the Run option? How do I sort files in this new interface? How do I conne...
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