Monthly Archives: October 2010

Is the Cloud For Your Business?

One of the the terms flung around these days besides 'Friend Me', "Tweet Me', or 'Let's Link Up', is the 'Cloud'. With internet connectivity becoming faster, many businesses are looking at the allure of off sourcing their email, documents, CRM to ...
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Techmentor Musings

After attending many courses at Techmentor, one overlying theme that shows itself over and over again is the need for a secure environment. Whether you have only 1 user or 80, the need to make sure your network and machines are secure overshadows ...
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Adobe Issues Massive Reader Patch

Adobe has released one of its most significant patches ever. This fixes over 23 bugs with its Adobe Reader product. While not quite as high as the 29 patches from last year, it is still a huge download to plug holes that could lead to malicious co...
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