Making You a Better Company

We Build Next-Generation Technology Business Partnerships

Renascence IT Consulting, Inc. was officially incorporated in 2010, but has served clients throughout the Bay Area since 2005. The company learned that the best IT goes beyond normal Managed Service practices found elsewhere. We handle the day to day hardware and software operations for companies. In addition, we are trusted technology business partners that lower cost, increase productivity and revenue with our clients. As your Partner, we are able to leverage our experienced and exceptional team of technical and business associates to make sure that your company is an industry leader. We are not vertically dependent on any one business, and establish relationships with companies that are under HIPAA, SOX and other industry requirements.

Why you need us

What if the issues you are experiencing are NOT the actual problem, but the result of the problem?


Are you facing the same problem over and over again or dealing with slow networks or downtime? Many IT Providers can fix a problem, but how many have processes in place to deal with deeper issues that might be costing your company time and money?


Do you find that you are spending valuable time and money upgrading servers to new versions? Many firms do knee/jerk reactions on when to replace electronics, but is it the best fit for your company? We look at better ways to increase your productivity, reduce downtime and grow profit through technology.


How often are your machines checked for backups, security patches and updates? Most IT companies have automated alerts enabling IT professionals to become more proactive. However, do these firms have discipline like us? Do they get involved to go beyond an alert and look at ways to increase efficiencies and improving your bottom line?


Simplified solutions

We Offer Managed Services for Every Business
1.24X7 MONITORING: We make sure your machines are physically working, online and updated.
2.PROTECTION: We use the best anti-virus, firewall and network services to block known vulnerabilities and prevent new threats from contacting cyber criminals and destroying or encrypting your data for ransom.
3.BACKUPS: Earthquakes, floods and even faulty fire sprinklers can destroy crucial data in a blink of an eye and put a business under. We'll provide you with a reliable disaster recovery program so you can have piece of mind.
4.CLOUD: We have an array of services designed to reduce downtime, maintenance and upgrade costs for your company. We constantly evaluate your options so that you are being presented with the best solutions available.